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My name is Felix Tsetlin.

I was born in Riga Latvia in 1967.
After completing high school I served in the Russian army for two years. I completed my service in 1985.
It was in 1988, while working at the Riga Film Studio, I attended the art class of a very fine artist, Vitaly Karkunov. His dedicated instruction and enormous talent was a great inspiration to me. I owe where I am today to the hard work Vitaly Karkunov put in to give me a rock solid foundation to build upon. As a result I enrolled at the Art Academy of Latvia, in department of Graphic arts.
In 1993 I left Riga for Israel, where I began my Computer Graphic Arts career.
I lived and worked in Israel for seven years and still have many friends and close ties to the country.
I immigrated to Canada in 1999.

Russian is my first language but I feel comfortable in both Hebrew and English.

My wife, Assia Roudaya is a Graphic designer and here is a link to her portfolio.

If you have any further guestions please contact me at tsetrud@idirect.com
My ICQ number is: 28951012

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