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Phone: 1-416-948-2579
Mailing address is available upon request
Portfolio on the WEB: www.felix-3d.com
E-mail: tsetrud@idirect.com

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Microsoft Word file format.


  • Seven years experience in computer game development.
  • Advanced level in using various 2D, 3D computer animation,
    and video editing tools.
  • Strong classical arts foundation.
  • Solid knowledge of computer design, user interface design.
  • Vast experience in developing methods of graphic media optimization for
    building games and computer based training (CBT) applications.
  • Strong hardware/software troubleshooting, configuring installing and upgrading skills.
  • Thrive on the challenges of learning new skills and implementing new ideas.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively in a changing environment.


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3D animation: 3D Studio MAXVer. 9
Various Plug-ins
( 12 yr.)
Video editing: Adobe Premiere 4 - 4.5 ( 3 yr.)
Adobe After Effects 3.1 - 4 ( 1 yr.)
DV MPEG 4.36 ( 1 yr.)

2D graphics: Adobe Photoshop CS 2 ( 14 yr.)
Corel Draw! 3 - 8 ( 7 yr.)
Adobe Illustrator 8.0 ( 1 yr.)
Metacreations Painter 3 - 5.5 ( 3 yr.)
Deluxe Paint 2 ( 6 yr.)
Macromedia Director 4 - 7 ( 4 yr.)

HTTP and
Web design:
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 ( 5 yr.)
Macromedia Fireworks 4 ( 2 yr.)
Internet tools: E-mail, Internet search engines,
Netscape, Explorer browsers,
FTPs, Newsgroups, ICQ.

( 2 yr.)
Sound editing: Sound Lab 4 ( 2 yr.)
Sound Forge 4 - 4.5 ( 1 yr.)

OS: WindowsXP, Windows2000
using and configuration.

Mac OS basic working knowledge.


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2002 - 2006 IPDevCo Inc., Ontario
Lead Digital Artist


Bets Avenue Casino.
  • Designed and created 2D and 3D graphics and animation for the Casino Games.
  • Developed and supervised a process of graphic optimization for games.

Poker Room
  • Designed and created interface and 3D graphics.

2000 - 2002 CapitalIT Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Lead Digital Artist


Tangarine Concepts Corp.
  • Designed the web site.
  • Coded the HTML and basic Javascript functions.
  • Conceptualized the Flash opening movie.
  • Used Image Libraries.

www.PLAYSTAR.com portfolio sample,  official site
  • Conceptualized, designed and created 2D and 3D graphics and animation for the Casino Games.
  • Developed and supervised process of graphic optimization for fast to download online game.
To evaluate the games on the official site please use
a login name tester1 and a password welcome

www.TheBestCasinoOnNet.com portfolio sample,  official site

Den Bosch + Finchley portfolio sample,   official site.
  • Created opening logo Flash animation.
  • Coded HTML and basic JavaScript functions.
  • Designed the web site based on given concept.

www.DCNetcast.com portfolio sample
  • Designed the web site.
  • Coded HTML and basic JavaScript functions.
The site has since changed. To see my local copy of the site click here.

2000 Macro Auto Leasing INC. Unionville, Ontario, Canada.

  • Conceptualized, designed and created advertisements for newspapers and magazines.

1994 - 1999 Compedia Ltd., Ramat Gan, Israel http://www.compedia-usa.com
Computer Game Designer


Timmy's Science Adventure portfolio sample,  official site
  • Designed and Created 2D and 3D graphics, animation and interfaces.
  • Organized a team of designers and assistants.
  • Trained team for preparing video and graphics in following file formats: GIF, JPG, animated GIF, MOV, AVI and MPEG for use in a memory efficient dual platform application and Internet version of application.
  • Developed and supervised process of graphic optimization for dual platform (PC/MAC) application.
  • Supervised filming of video clips and prepared storyboards.
  • Prepared visual explanation movies.

Timmy's Safari Adventure official site
  • Supervised video clips to be prepared in the MPEG format.
  • Assembled introduction movie that could be easily adapted for different languages and could be played on different platforms (PC/MAC).

Math Attack portfolio sample,  official site
Gordi and the Math Invaders (award winner) portfolio sample,  official site
  • Determined look-and-feel concept of the project.
  • Led working team of 3D graphic artists and assistants.
  • Created modeling, texturing and walk through animation of 3D Sci-fi environments.
  • Applied music, voice and special effects applying to animation clips.
  • Prepared pack cover artwork and supervised pack cover design.

The Mystery for the Unfinished Movie portfolio sample,  official site
  • Created modeling, texturing and animation of the photo realistic 3D environment.
  • Prepared pack cover artwork and supervised pack cover design.

InteracTV (PeachNet) portfolio sample,  official site
  • Created user friendly interface for interactive TV system.
  • Supervised work of assistants in preparing memory efficient graphics for airing on TV.
  • Created 3D logo animation.

Mr.Bloopy portfolio sample
  • Designed pack cover artwork for this Nintendo game.

Invention Highway portfolio sample,  official site
Baby Muppets official site
Gordi's Enchanted Playroom (award winner) portfolio sample,  official site
Timmy the Dream Hunter official site
In Search of the Lost Words official site
Company's WEB Site official site

1994 - 1995 Telegrafix Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel.
Desk Top Publishing Graphic Designer, Illustrator.
  • Designed marketing and advertising materials.
  • Prepared graphics for printing and publishing.


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1988-1992 Academy of Arts of Latvia, Riga.

1993 computer graphic course, ORT Carrier, Israel.
Freehand, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Desk Top Publishing, Windows and MAC OS.


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The "ALL STAR SOFTWARE" seal in the Children's Software Revue Magazine.
"Gold Bear award" for the Kids Domain Review.

References available upon request.